2019 Term 1 Registration is now Open! 

(Term Duration: 11 Mar - 16 Jun** 2019)

~~ ** Class Calendar only confirmed one week before Term commences. ~~
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Online Class Calendar Here.

Class Fees

(effective 17 Mar 2014)

Class Type Fee per Term+
Foundation Class: Beginner Level 1 (1 hour per lesson) $190 for 10 lessons
All other Classes (1.5 hours per lesson) $200 for 10 lessons
Pointe Class (1 hour per lesson) $250 for 10 lessons
Single Lesson for Tryout (Not Applicable for Beginner Level 1) $25 per lesson
Dance Practitioner (For full-time Dance Teacher / Dancer only)
Note: Not applicable for any Discount
$18 per lesson

+ Price quoted in Singapore Dollars.


(effective 17 Mar 2014)

New Student Discount

A one-time S$10.00 discount for all new students paying for the whole term. Not to be used with other discounts.

Multi-class Discount

For full term payment only upon registration. Does not apply to Single Lesson or Pro-rated Fee payments.

  • 5% discount for students who register for 2 classes per week per term.

  • 10% discount for students who register for 3 or more classes per week per term.

Not to be used with other discounts.

Referral Discount

To get a Referral Discount (S$10.00 per student), just introduce a New Student to register for a full-term. The new student must fill-in your name under “Referred by”.  If he/she paid full-term for Term N, you will get the One-time Referral Discount on your Next full-term fee payment, i.e. for Term N+1.
Note: Referral Discount will only be applied to your Next following full-term payment. If there is a lapse in term enrollment or enrollment is transferred to next term, the Referral Discount is void and cannot be brought forward.

Pointe Class Discount

S$50.00 off Pointe Class fees for students who register together with another full-term technique class within the same term.
Not to be used with other discounts.


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